Rent to Own is a great way to build a property portfolio

‘Rent to own’ is a legally binding agreement allowing people who want to get onto the property ladder, to rent the property before they buy. This works well for those who are currently struggling to get a mortgage or does not have a big enough deposit for one.  The benefits it can bring include cashflow and building a property portfolio for wealth or retirement.    

How it works

The buyer has a legal option to buy the property at a fixed price within a certain time period agreed (could be anywhere from two to ten years). To retain these rights, the buyer must keep up payments owed to the Landlord every month, to cover their mortgage in the meantime. However, the buyer benefits immediately from its growth in value over time. The price the seller asks for will probably be less than what the property is worth at a certain time in future. In the meantime, you cover their mortgage payment and (via your lease payment) and assume all legal responsibilities of the property (such as repairs, maintenance and tenants) so they can walk away from the property and forget about it. In other words, the buyer becomes the Landlord effectively. Eventually, you purchase it several years down the line, with the strong likelihood that the housing market conditions will allow equity growth, potentially using that to help complete the purchase.

Rent to own -Benefits

Fixed Purchase Price

The purchase price is fixed by the lease option and won’t change over the term

Option to purchase

The buyer has the choice to buy or not to buy at the end of the agreement

Homeowner in no time

The buyer can care for the house as if it were their own from the first day

Speedy process

The process is far quicker than the traditional conveyancing process which can normally take months

Cashflow benefits

The property could produce near enough cashflow to fund the deposit and associated costs to purchase the property at the time of completing the purchase

No deposit required*

*No deposit required on the home until you buy the house


Most frequent questions and answers

There are a number of reasons why homeowners or Landlords will consider a rent to own option. Sometimes properties are on the market for years as a result because sellers don’t get to sell at the price they want. A property is the most expensive thing people will ever buy or sell in their lives, so it then becomes an emotional transaction for them, meaning perceived values can be distorted. At times, some sellers have properties in negative equity, meaning their property has dropped in value and as a result, most are looking for the full mortgage redemption amount. In addition, we are also connected to partners who at times supply us these properties.

Rent to own tends to be perfect for retiring or tired landlords and homeowners, who just want to move on from the property for one reason or another. Why not consider contacting us at Lease Options Made Simple and we will be pleased to help.

Sign up to the waiting list below and let us know your interest. In addition, if you have a specific criterion, please leave your details. Please note, it will be simpler to find you a match the less restrictive your criteria is.

The minimum investment for a rent to own property is £7k.

Depending on the property, our fees can range higher.

Legal fees also need to be considered which start from around £1k.

Stamp duty may also need to be considered, dependent on the buyer’s property purchase history.

At times, some negotiations may by subject to light refurbishments of the property, which could vary in costings. Rent in advance will also have to be considered, which will vary based on the agreement reached.

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